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KiXforms Progressbar Example

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KiXforms Aficionado
KiXforms Aficionado

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2003 2:57 am    Post subject: KiXforms Progressbar Example Reply with quote

The following is a simple stand-alone progress bar script. It requires the latest version of KiXForms and demonstrates the use of a timer object and some progressbar methods.

; displays a progress bar for a certain amount of time

; 2003-06-18   v1.0   Passed inital code review

; remove any type of debugging on production systems
break off
debug off

dim $iRC


; dim the form objects
global $frmForceWait, $prgWaitBar, $tmrWaitTimer, $lblForceWait

dim $sINIFile, $iForceWait, $iSteps, $sLocalKiXForms, $sWindowsKiXForms, $sFormTitle
dim $iMargin, $iFormHeight, $iFormWidth, $iElementHeight

; check for current KiXForms DLL
if exist($sLocalKiXForms)
  case not exist($sWindowsKiXForms)
    copy $sLocalKiXForms $sWindowsKiXForms
    shell 'regsvr32 /s '+$sWindowsKiXForms
  case comparefiletimes($sLocalKiXForms,$sWindowsKiXForms)<>0
    shell 'regsvr32 /u /s '+$sWindowsKiXForms
    copy $sLocalKiXForms $sWindowsKiXForms
    shell 'regsvr32 /s '+$sWindowsKiXForms
  case getfileversion($sLocalKiXForms,'FileVersion')<>getfileversion($sWindowsKiXForms,'FileVersion')
    shell 'regsvr32 /u /s '+$sWindowsKiXForms
    copy $sLocalKiXForms $sWindowsKiXForms
    shell 'regsvr32 /s '+$sWindowsKiXForms

; set the waiting time in seconds
if not $iForceWait

; convert the waiting time to milliseconds for the timer

; initialize the form
$iMargin = 4
$iFormWidth = 300

$frmForceWait = CreateObject('Kixtart.Form')
if vartype($frmForceWait)<>9 or @ERROR
  sleep $iForceWait
  exit 0

if not $sFormTitle
  $sFormTitle='Sysprep LAN Integration Utility'

; create form itself
$frmForceWait.ClientWidth   = $iFormWidth
$frmForceWait.ClientHeight  = $iFormHeight
$frmForceWait.FontSize      = 10
$frmForceWait.Text          = $sFormTitle
$frmForceWait.TopMost       = 1
$frmForceWait.BorderStyle   = 1
$frmForceWait.ControlBox    = 0
$frmForceWait.ShowInTaskBar = 0

; create the label
$lblForceWait        = $frmForceWait.label('Initializing Components')
$lblForceWait.Width  = $frmForceWait.ClientWidth - 2*$iMargin
$lblForceWait.Height = $iElementHeight
$lblForceWait.Left   = $iMargin
$lblForceWait.Top    = $iMargin

; create the progressbar
$prgWaitBar         = $frmForceWait.progressbar()
$prgWaitBar.Width   = $frmForceWait.ClientWidth - 2*$iMargin
$prgWaitBar.Height  = $iElementHeight
$prgWaitBar.Left    = $lblForceWait.Left
$prgWaitBar.Top     = $lblForceWait.Top+$iElementHeight+$iMargin
$prgWaitBar.Value   = 0
$   = 1
$prgWaitBar.minimum = 0
$prgWaitBar.maximum = $iForceWait
$prgWaitBar.step    = $iSteps

; create the timer
$tmrWaitTimer          = $frmForceWait.timer()
$tmrWaitTimer.Interval = $iSteps
$tmrWaitTimer.OnTimer  = '$prgWaitBar.PerformStep()'

; display the form
$frmForceWait.ShowInTaskBar = 0
While $frmForceWait.Visible and $prgWaitBar.value<$prgWaitBar.maximum
  $iRC = Execute($frmForceWait.DoEvents())
$frmForceWait.TopMost = 0

exit 0


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